Dang Tieu Diep

The Kung Fu Master

Master Dang Tieu Diep was born and raised in Vietnam. His uncle came from Vietnam but has his roots from China.

Kim Son Quang Kung Fu is a kung fu-style that was kept within Master Diep's family in Vietnam.

Only the family got detailed training in these techniques. Master Diep was chosen to carry the traditions of Kim Son Quang Kung Fu. His uncle trained Master Diep in kung fu from when he was only 4-years old, and many years more. Master Diep learned that his style of kung fu originated from North Shaolin in China. 

His family history is long, exciting and dramatic. With time, North Shaolin kung fu was mixed with South Shaolin Kung Fu. The style was called Kim Son Quang Kung Fu and was kept secret within Master Diep's family. 

The techniques were learned and trained through hundreds of years. Master Diep came to Norway as a boat refugee the summer of 1980. Master Diep wanted to give his kung fu knowledge to norwegians as thanks for the good help he got when he got saved by a norwegian ship.

He wanted to share his kung fu with others to ensure the traditions and techniques of Kim Son Quang Kung Fu didnt go lost with him and his generation.

Master Diep got early in the 90's permission from his uncle in Vietnam to teach Kim Son Quang Kung Fu in Norway. His uncle died shortly after, approximately 90-years old. Master Diep had already learnt the last of his secret techniques.

After this, Master Diep has built his own kung fu family here in Trondheim, Norway. It started with two empty hands for 32 years ago. Today he is an experienced and respected kung fu master here in Trondheim Kung Fu Club.

How Kim Son Quang evolved here in Trondheim:

1980 – Master Diep trained with a few friends in the basement home in Tiller, Trondheim.

1984 – Master Diep met a friend with kung fu background and got a job at Trondheim helsestudio as a martial arts instructor.

1986/87 – Master Diep got an offer to start working at Progym helsestudio as a martial arts intstructor, Mellomila, Trondheim.

1987/90 – Master Diep and several students decided to start Trondheim Kung Fu Club. They found new facilities at Møllenberg, in Kirkegata. Many new students joined and eventually it wasn't enough room for everyone.

17th of May 1991 Trondheim Kung-Fu club got first price for they're show. Price was for 7000,- kr and a medal.

1990/95 – Master Diep searched for new and bigger facilities. The club moved to Ila, in Mellomila, Trondheim. 650 m2 was fitted for kung fu training. The club became one of the biggest martial arts centres in Norway.  The club had to temporarely move after 5-years. House owned wanted to use the building for apartments.

1996/97– Club moved the training to Nidarøhallene (Spektrum), Trondheim. Master Diep wanted better training conditions for his kung fu and was searching for new facilities for training.

1998/2003 – Master Diep brought his club and moved to Lade, in Jarleveien, Trondheim. With help from his students they made the facilities like new. After six years the house owner wanted to re-distribute the facilities. The club was once again on the move.

2005 and still – Master Diep came over an building project in the heart of Trondheim, in Prinsens gt. 61. The negotiations went through. With the help from his students and other companies they fixed the facilities like new. For the first time in history the club can be confident on permanent facilities.