About the club

The club was officially founded in 1987. The year after it was accepted as a member of the

Norwegian Sports Association. 

The club moved to new facilities in Prinsen street 61, February 2005. Here we have a

training hall, wardrobes, restroom, and weights suited for martial arts. The members are

divided into different groups according to age (from 7 to 50 years) and level (from white to

black belt).

The purpose of the club is to give exercise through the fight- and self-defence technique

kung fu.

By the training we aim to prevent physical as well as mental illness.

We also wish to oppose the growing violence by systematic physical and mental training.

Women are especially encouraged to join the club and learn self-defence.

The training is mainly aimed at helping the members defend themselves on the street or other places they may be attacked.

Competition training is not much focused.

The training is suitable for all who are willing to sweat a bit for better health. We train either Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday.

In addition to this it is possible to train Fridays and Sundays.  In Trondheim Kung Fu Club the members are ranked with different

colours on their belts.

The ranking is:

White Yellow Orange Green Blue Brown Black

You get a stripe of the next colour before you get the new belt. I.e. you get a Yellow stripe on the white belt before you get a

Yellow belt.

Before the black belt you have to get two black stripes on the brown belt.

Every time you attain a new belt, you are awarded a diploma from Trondheim Kung Fu Club as a proof of your new rank.