Experiences from a student

23. September 2018

One of our students Lars R. Bang have written about his experiences with the club. Read

New courses in Kung-Fu

10. August 2018

Start new beginner courses for adults Monday 20th of August at 19:30 until 21:00.

For kids its Tuesday 21st of August at 17:00. All are welcome for free trials.

The time for adults are mondays and wednesday at 19:30 while kids train every monday and thursday at 17:00.

(Norwegian) Nybegynnerkurs etter sommerferien

11. August 2017

Starting new courses in Kung-Fu mondays and wednesdays at 18.00 until 19:30. Remember training clothes. Happy to see you there 🙂

First training after summer vacation

19. July 2017

Summer holidays are almost done and we are starting training again Monday 07th of August at 18:00. First week all groups train together.

Childrens groups starts the same time as school. Beginners are welcome to try.

Continue having fun in the summer  holidays and see you at training!

Master Diep