What is Qigong

Qigong, a training method that works with movements, breathing and concentration, and are suitable for both women and men, no matter what age.

Qigong are advanced but calm and comfortable movements that helps you breath correctly, relax, and gather your energy and enhance your lifequality.

Stamina and daily excercise of the method is what’s required. You get increased energy, lifequality, inner peace and strength, reduced stress and increased concentration, better immunesystem and blood pressure, reduced muscle and joint aches, better sleep and longer stamina both physical and mentally. 

The training method is over 2000 years old. Qi is the chinese word for lifeforce or lifeenergy, while Gong means to “practice” or to “work with”. Breathing and movement techniques are a part of the traditional medicine(TCM). Movements strengthen the bodies features to heal itself. The energy paths in the body stimulates in a way that the lifeenergy, Qi, flows more freely than before. This leads to inner balance and tension relaxation in body and mind. Both inner organs and liveprocesesses gets a positive effect.

There is mange variations of Qigong, but we have Shaolin, Tai Chi, Wushu and Qigong from Buddhism but there is many more.

[ezcol_1half]Medical Qigong (Light Qigong)

Light Qigong focuses more on light movements that gets your blood circulating and helps your inner organs like kidneys, heart and lungs. Its also very good against stress and gives you a boost in mental power. This type of training is suitable for children, adults and old, even for persons that are bound to a wheelchair. As long as you can use your upper body you can take advantage of this type of training. Medical Qigong consists of only 8 simple movements.


[ezcol_1half_end]Hard Qigong

Everyone who trains Kung-Fu with us already trains hard Qigong with focus on inner power. They use Qigong in combination with techniques from theyre Kung-Fu training. Harder Qigong give very good results like better conditioning for muscles, your muscles will get harder and can resist more. With this type of training you will also prevent damage like muscle tear and pain in your lower back, shoulds or infection in your muscles.


Benefits of this type of training

This training is suitable for all kinds of people, no matter if they are in good physical shape or have problems with theyre back, shoulders or headaches. Also very suitable for atheletes and martial artists since you can benefit from Qigong for increased performance. Learning Qigong gives you a very good toolset which you can use in weighttraining for example. Use excercises you already know in combination with Qigong so heavy weights are not needed. You learn how to activate your muscles much better in combination with proper breathing techniques, which results in better conditioning and harder muscles for increased performance.

Is it difficult to train Qigong

Both yes and no, if you train medical Qigong the techniques consists of only 8 simple movements, but still it requires that you train every day after you have gone to our lessons. Many people find it hard to train at home, but with this type of training you can train everywhere as long as you can spend 5 to 15-minutes a day. If you want best results we advice that you train several times a day. The result is dependent on your commitment just like putting money in the bank. Putting more money in the bank yields more money in result of interests. Invest in your own health! 

Qigong courses

You train on calm movements, better breathing techniques and enhanced concentration. You get increased energy and lifequality, inner calm and strength, reduced stress and longer stamina.

Course leader is Master Diep, an experienced and respected instructor in the chinese martial-arts Kim Son Quang Kung-Fu. 28-years of experience as an instructor. He grew up in a Kung Fu family in Vietnam where he practiced his Kung Fu and all the training methods for over 50 years. He has been the leader for Trondheim Kung Fu Club since 1987.

Course lasts for 6 sundays from 17:30 to 19:00.

Price for members: kr. 1498,- NOK

Price for non-members: kr. 1798,- NOK 

Signup for the course:

Contact Master Diep on phone: +47 951 52 206 

or Johnny at phone: +47 90 86 08 68

Pictures from our last group in March 2012: