Kim Son Quang

Kung-Fu from Kim Son Quang have connections from both northern and south Shaolin Kung-Fu. It has its roots all back to the 16th century from a chinese general who were a student at the northern Shaolin school. After he came in conflict with the king due to disagreements on politics, he took his family and moved to south china where he got training in south Shaolin Kung-Fu for many years.

While Shaolin from North had focus on kicks, south had focus on punching techniques. Since he now was wanted all over the country after his disagreement with the king he pulled techniques out from both south and north Shaolin Kung-Fu to protect his family. The technique became Kim Son Quang Kung-Fu and was only taught within his family.

In 1679 two generals from the chinese army who also have had disagreements with the Qing dynasty took theyre families and soldiers to south vietnam. He with his family followed this group to south vietnam.

He continued on to teach Kim Son Quang to hos family and was taught from father to son for many decades. Master Diep was taught this technique from his uncle as his father was too busy with the military. Master Diep is now teaching this secret technique for the first time to someone outside the family, as a gift to the norwegian people after beeing saved in the middle pacific ocean by a norwegian ship when he moved to Norway.




Means gold, which cannot be burnt by fire, nor is it scared of ageing. • Also means yellow, which symbolise the noble, humble, friendly and polite.


Symbolise a great and mighty mountain, which gives you a sense of awe as you stand in front of it.


Is the halo flaring above the mighty golden mountain.

The sacred golden mountain reflects the user of Kim Son Quang Kung Fu. He shall use his pure power, sense of justice and friendliness to make a weapon to defeat his enemy; mentally, nothing can make such a person think or act wrong, and physically, no decease can destroy the body of such a person.

This is how they thought in China long ago, and this is what master Diep tries to convey to Norwegians today.

White fist

Symbolise the pure power.

Yellow colour

Is for honesty, politeness and friendliness.

Red colour

Symbolise victory, but also that we all have red blood inside and are equal as humans.

Black letters

Is for the enduring, patient and self-controlling.


Means that we will always be on the round Earth, and that we always get back what we give.