Kung Fu – What is it ?

Kung fu is an art of training body and mind. Its inventor is told to be a indian munk by name Dat Ma (Bodhid Harma) living several millennia ago. He went to China approximately year 520 where he settled and taught his art to the Chinese. The first Kung-Fu school was the pagoden Shaolin in China and was built around year 497 up in the Shaoshi mountain in the Song Shan mountain region in Hanan city. There the first chinese students were chosen and trained in the buddhism meditation form Zen-Shu at the temple. After this they took in more and more munks for training.

How was kung fu developed and used for training and self-defence?

It is told that as Dat Ma (Harma) travelled to China he encountered many natural dangers. At this time most people in China lived scattered through the forests and mountains. A life close to nature can be dangerous, as humans are vulnerable creatures, so they needed a fighting technique they could use as defence against dangerous animals and the harsh environment.

On his journey the llama had witnessed fights between different animals, and by observing their movements he could transfer their fighting techniques to a martial art humans could use. It is also told that he once saw how big trees were torn out of the ground during a storm, while the small and supple trees were left unharmed.

Based on this he developed a soft technique, which put easy uses softness to defeat strong forces. This technique was well suited to what the Chinese needed, and so it was well accepted by common people.

Dat Ma saw when his students trained the buddhism Zen-Shu that they were very skinny and weak. After this he spent 9 years in China to develope new movements and techniques that would strengthen his students to handle the harsh climate up in the mountains, and to train theyre bodies against diseases. In his time he wrote many books about training, Zen-Shu, Qi Gong and gymnastics (Kung-Fu). One of his books are now world renown and its called Yi Jin Jing.

When China was at war, the Shaolin monks helped the king to win the war. Cause of this the king rewarded the monks with a much larger temple and Shaolin got very popular in all of China. Later after Dat Ma’s death approximately year 529, his students saw that his techniques were good as martial arts and it was this way Kung-Fu got to be. Kung-Fu has since that been developed and continued practiced all over the world.