Martial Arts

The words may sound simple, but attached to them are lots of myths. Most martial artists look at their sport as a way to train both body and mind, but those who are unfamiliar with these arts often believe they are dangerous sports used to attack people. These beliefs are often based on "martial arts"-movies with nothing but fighting and killing with hits and kicks.

Because of this, some people are afraid of martial artists, and are scared from trying it for them selves. In the real world there might be some that use their skills to provoke or attack people, but the huge majority only use them in self-defence.

Martial arts is really a common term for different styles e.g. kung fu, karate, kick boxing, judo, Aikido, tae kwon do, and others. None are "best" ore "worst" – they all have their pros and cons. Even though they might use different training methods, they all help create a healthy body and a sound mind – which is very important in everyday life.

Martial arts are not dangerous to learn or train, neither for experts nor beginners. Individuals can be evil or dangerous, and can hurt or kill with any weapon. As you attain higher level in martial arts, you get more willpower and patience. If you cannot master these skills, you cannot reach higher levels. As an instructor in the old and well know Chinese martial art Kung Fu, master Diep has gone through long and hard training – both physically and mentally – since he was four years old. This valuable training gave him the strength to survive the long and brutal Vietnam War.

In his club master Diep greatly emphasise preventing his students from abusing their kung fu skills.