How we train

Kung fu has several training methods. All of them require much effort and willpower in the trainee. Because of this, the training gives good qualities that apply well in daily life.

Physical training:

    • Training of muscle strength helps avoid injuries to joints and muscles. The body also stands longer physical strain. •
    • Training of flexibility makes us supple and flexible. We avoid stretch injuries to tendons and muscles, and the joints become more flexible.
    • Training the powers of reaction help us use quick and precise fighting techniques when attacked.
    • Training of energy involves correct breathing technique. Then we can adjust and strengthen the body's respiration and metabolism. Energy and stamina is bettered.

Mental Training

• Training of willpower gives mental health, self-confidence and self-mastery. • Training over time leads to good concentration, patience and mental stability. Training in self-defence and fighting techniques. • Training in effective techniques that can be used in dangerous situations. This training is closely connected with the physical training (strength, flexibility, reaction and stamina) and the mental training (will, self-confidence and mental stability).

Training in self-defense and fighting techniques

Training in effective fighting techniques can be useful in dangerous situations. The training connects with the physical training (strength, motion, reaction and endurance) and the mental training (will, confidence, self-control, concentration, patience and mental stability.

Training as treatment

Learning to massage involves learning the composition of the human body. Important and weak points in veins, muscles and joints are emphasised. Massage is used to treat injuries, and requires a high rank in kung fu. • The training is preventive and treating to ills in the inner organs (Stomach, heart, lungs, kidneys and liver). Will and patience is required to succeed. As you can see, kung fu consists of several types of training that complement each other. All that concerns training can only be learnt by trying yourself.