Published: 2016-09-10

 To learn the art of Kung-Fu, you dont need to fight with anyone. You dont need to participate in any competitions to show how strong or how good you are. Kung-Fu isnt just an martial art, its a way for a better lifestyle. It helps people to find a calm in theyre soul and makes theyre body strong.6560_225788740191_591505191_7685506_8164568_n

Kung-Fu gives you good discipline, confidence and self-respect and makes you brave. Your worst opponent is yourself. Can you conquer yourself, you can conquer anything in life. Never give up your goal in life. To fail is the way to win, look at it as experience and learn from it. 


Dont think too far in the future, because the future is not here yet. Do something good today, and you will get something back and a good future. You drink beer and booze everyday, your future is that one of an alcoholic, but if you do your homework and focus on your studies, you have a future with a good education. The choice is yours.

Mester Diep